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Kelly Slater and John John Florence talk Teahupo‘o

We always had a sneaking suspicion that Kelly Slater was John John's dad ... After surfing in what many are calling “the best heat ever” in the “best contest ever,” 11-time world champion Kelly ...

What He Rode: Gabriel Medina

GABRIEL MEDINA HEIGHT: 5’11″ (180 cm) WEIGHT: 164 lbs (74.4 kg) SHAPER: Johnny Cabianca MODEL: DFK LENGTH: 6’4″ WIDTH: 18 3/4″ THICKNESS: 2 3/8″ VOLUME: 31L NOSE WIDTH: 12 3/8″ TAIL WIDTH: 13 ...

10 Historical Facts About Surfing You Didn't Know

Calling all Boogers! From Hodads, Shubees and Hang-Ten blokes! Surf's up! These are terms you will commonly hear in places with sand and waves and not in snow capped locations. Boogers are not ...

How a Wetsuit Can Help You Stay Warm

Wetsuits have been designed in a way to keep you warm but have you ever wondered how a wetsuit can help you stay warm? Many people ponder this and to tell you the truth, it is all about the ...

(Video) Never Before Has Teahupoo Looked So Enticing

Teahupo'o welcomes Nat Young to the fold.
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MISSING - Mick Fanning Full Movie

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 MISSING - A Taylor Steele Film
Taylor Steele's brand new film - "MISSING" - puts ASP World Champion, Mick Fanning, in some of the most radical places on the planet alongside his good friends John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Matt Wilkinson and Tom Curren.Under the direction of the world renowned film-maker, the project takes Mick Fanning out of the competition world of the ASP, gives him a boarding pass with a blank destination and for 21 days he is relocated all over the world with only a passport, suitcase and surfboard at his disposal. As a result, the surfing is special, raw and some of the best that you'll see on screen this year. From Africa and Ireland to Central America and Spain, the experience literally is life changing for Mick Fanning."I was going on a trip to somewhere but I didn't know where, kind of like being kidnapped," said Mick Fanning."There was no schedule or timeline, only life. I felt like I was in the real world for the very first time and it made me so happy to see the world that clearly."

This Way Up

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 This Way Up
From Mick Fanning tearing at J-Bay to Jamie O'Brien barrelled at Backdoor, Rip Curls latest video THIS WAY UP redefines high performance surfing. Deeper, faster, harder, higher... From Mick Fanning tearing at J-Bay to Jamie OBrien barrelled at Backdoor, Rip Curls latest video THIS WAY UP redefines high performance surfing. Fresh from the success of his profile video FANNING THE FIRE, the worlds fastest surfer joins Pipeline charger and new-school aerialist, Jamie OBrien, to lift the levels of surfing progression in the latest visual feast from Rip Curl. A tight, fast, well-edited surf video, THIS WAY UP provides a glimpse of the future; with teen sensation Dane Reynolds boosting at Trestles, Australian prodigy Travis Lynch letting loose in Indonesia, and European junior champ Pablo Gutierrez threading throaty barrels off the coast of Africa.


Water Man

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 water man
Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, Gerry Lopez and Rob Machado, along with Chris, Keith and Dan Malloy as they venture into the heart of Indonesia, into a hidden paradise of colossal barrels and perfect waves. ‘WaterMan’ takes you on an intimate boat trip with some of the most influential surfers of our time as they bodysurf, paddle surf, hydrofoil, stand up surf and tow surf in the Indian Ocean. Venture beyond the shallows of the surf culture into a deeper shade of blue.


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Peaceful Surf movie By Style Entertainment Films (2009) A beautifully shot film from Australia featuring some of the best Longboard, Retro and general surfing talent around. Featuring ; Nick Kuner, Ozzie Wright, Terry Fitzgerald, Kye Fitzgerald, Matt Chojnacki, Carl Gonsanes, John Gill, Hayden Lewis & Derek Hynd.

Modern Collective

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Modern Collective
A collective of six surfers set out on a voyage to alter one s perception of modern day surfing. It s young & wild in an avant garde style in order to facilitate the unexpected. Highlighted by naturalist cinematography and a candid directorial style, Director Kai Neville shadows these vogue individuals around Morocco, France, Reunion Island, Indonesia, Cabo & Rural Australia. Forget big waves. Forget perfect surf. They collectively look out side the conventions of surfing for a wave built for pure innovation. The future has already happened you will just be watching the replay.
Modern Collective is defined by Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Yadin Nicol, Dion Agius, Mitch Coleborn and more. The collective seek to set in motion the expectations of surfing with a voyage to five high performance locations around the galaxy. The First trip took the collective to France discovering giant ramps to experiment new moves on...So big that at the end of the trip Dane Reynolds busted his ankle trying to stomp a massive rotation. This is not the end…with more trips to come where will the collective be hunting ramps next.

Bustin' Down The Door

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Bustin' Down The Door

This documentary tells the story of a group of Australian and South African surfers who revolutionized their sport in Hawaii. During the winter of 1975 in Hawaii, surfing was shaken to its core. A group of young surfers from Australia and South Africa sacrificed everything and put it all on the line to create a sport, a culture, and an industry that is today worth billions of dollars and has captured the imagination of the world. With a radical new approach and a brash colonial attitude, these surfers crashed headlong into a culture that was not ready for revolution. Surfing was never to be the same again.

Tropical Punch

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Tropical Punch

Another great production from Australian brand Billabong International. Tropical Punch presents previously unpublished images from the Billabong Pro Teahuppo, held in May 2007, in heavy Tahiti waves.

Also features free surfing sessions from the best surfers like Andy Irons, Taj Burrow and Joel Parkinson. Manoa Drollet, Josh Kerr, Mick Fanning, Koby Abbberton, Laurie Towner Wade Goodall and Cory Lopez filmed during a period of six intensive weeks.


Drive Thru South Central America

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Drive Thru South Central America

By Taylor Steele. Top professional surfers Shane Dorian, Donavon Frankenreiter, Benji Weatherly, Ozzie Wright, and Kalani Robb make their way through Panama, Brazil, and Chile in a hilariously action packed two week real world, road trip. The Drive Thru South Central America is the fourth installment of the ongoing Drive Thru series. Whether it's hang gliding in Brazil, off roading in Chile or stand up barrels in Panama, the Drive Thru offers a unique first hand experience for everyone to enjoy.

De Passage

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De Passage surf movie reef
...And you're no longer sitting around waiting for something to happen. You're out there, going to the moments.

After a few days, life on the road starts to feel like a dream: sunrise, sunset, and the moments in-between, all finally yours again it seems. Laying on a hot, white beach, watching the giant clouds drift by - it all finally slows down, down, down.

Home is where the heart is. And like a compass, our heart's true north is the sea.

So wake up, tune out, dive in, and feel it like the first time...

Our journey begins in the Island nation of French Polynesia: "De Passage" is the French translation of Just Passing Through.

After our exploration of the tropical wonderland that is Tahiti with our crew of Rob Machado, Alana Blanchard, Shane Dorian, Kai Otton, Nick Rozsa, Cyrus Sutton, Luke Davis, Tia Blanco and Paige Maddison, we set sails and and head west to the enchanted islands of Bali where we find Mikala Jones deep in uncharted territory. From there it's a short trip to the land down under to meet 3x world champion Mick Fanning on his home turf. 

We plot our final course west again to the frigid right points of South Africa with Taylor Knox and friends.

The Freedom

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THE freedom surf

The Freedom Video (A Progression Film; 40 minutes)

Here’s the Pitch:There’s a whole lot of good surfers and amazing surf spots in this world, and we’re gonna give you a piece of them all.

Hollywood Connection:Forrest Gump: It’s surfing’s version of Forrest’s adventures going here, there and everywhere. Just lots of feel-good footage, many new faces and great sessions.

Best Actor: With so many surfers to choose from — it’s just too hard to pick. So it has to be Lower Trestles that wins this one. The ASP’s flawless September sessions at Lowers feature the premier SoCal pointbreak’s best performance on screen yet.

Supporting Cast: Slates, the Ironses, Archie, and Flea and more

Score: Blade 2 Soundtrack, Mad at Gravity, Slayer, Portishead

Thumbs Down: At several points throughout the video, the footage is intentionally grainy, foggy and jumpy. This effect, although used for aesthetic purposes, is more of an eyestrain than anything.

Thumbs Up: The fact that there is so many surfers featured in this 40 minute video, makes for an exciting, fast-paced surf flick. TFV successfully blends footage of the world’s best surfers with your local rippers and does it smoothly where other videos could become messy.


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