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Kelly Slater’s New Brand Outerknown Just Went Live (Finally) and Kelly’s Lookin’ Fresh

We finally know about OuterKnown. Was it worth the wait? Well the surf community don’t seem to think so. On the morning of the superheat, where Medina, Fanning and Slater were due to clash at ...


Filmaker Tim Bonython of Tim Bonython Productions was on hand for the recent Shipsterns session featuring Kelly Slater, Mark Mathews, the local boys et al. Karl Atkins was also there, a relatively ...

The World's 5 Most Dangerous Waves

1.Nazaré A former WCT competitor who’s successfully extended his pro career through his dedicated big wave and slab gig, Eric Rebière is one of the few European big wave hellmen to have ...

Surf Snowdonia runs first surfing trials

Professional surfer Jo Dennison has had the privilege to ride the first ever wave pumped at Surf Snowdonia, in Conwy Valley, Wales.Europe's first public surf pool is finally filled with water, and ...

Meet Curt, He’s 49, But Has The Mind of a 14-Year-Old And His Story Will Make You Well Up

Credit: Brendon Hearne/Vimeo “Everybody that surfs in southern California knows Curt…” says Dane Reynolds, one of the world’s best surfers, who regularly surfed with Curt as a kid. “Every ...
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MISSING - Mick Fanning Full Movie

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 MISSING - A Taylor Steele Film
Taylor Steele's brand new film - "MISSING" - puts ASP World Champion, Mick Fanning, in some of the most radical places on the planet alongside his good friends John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Matt Wilkinson and Tom Curren.Under the direction of the world renowned film-maker, the project takes Mick Fanning out of the competition world of the ASP, gives him a boarding pass with a blank destination and for 21 days he is relocated all over the world with only a passport, suitcase and surfboard at his disposal. As a result, the surfing is special, raw and some of the best that you'll see on screen this year. From Africa and Ireland to Central America and Spain, the experience literally is life changing for Mick Fanning."I was going on a trip to somewhere but I didn't know where, kind of like being kidnapped," said Mick Fanning."There was no schedule or timeline, only life. I felt like I was in the real world for the very first time and it made me so happy to see the world that clearly."

Volcom Stone Presents: BS!

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 Volcom Stone Presents: BS!
BS! is an out of the ordinary, if not extraordinary surf film that documents the serious ripping of Dusty Payne, Mitch Coleborn, Alex Gray, Ozzie Wright, Nate Tyler, and Andrew Doheny, while revealing their individual characters through thoughtful interviews that quickly slip into honest humor. On top of such humor, the film builds into striking notes of provokingly tweaked sarcasm that is in refreshing contrast to current surf film genre trends.

Slow Dance - Full surf Movie

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Slow Dance - Full Movie
Surfer Dane Reynolds takes a sharp look into the timeless style of Craig Anderson. A modern approach with hints to the past, Slow Dance follows Craig in and out of the water as he travels the world meeting up with heroes and friends in Australia, Chile, India, West Africa and Tahiti to name a few.

A Mexico Surf Film: 'Take Me Back'

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Perry Gershkow presents, 'Llévame de Vuelta', an original Surf Channel film about three best friends: Austin Smith-Ford, Kyle Buthman and Kyle Thiermann, on a trip to Mainland Mexico in search of waves and adventure. The film follows the ups and downs that come with seeking pristine, uncrowded surf, as well as the benefits of shredding one of the best waves in the world.

In the end, they challenge one another, and end up getting the waves of their lives.

110% Surfing Techniques Volume 1

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110% Surfing Techniques Volume 1
New instructional DVD providing the ultimate in surfing techniques, whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced surfer looking to perform manoeuvres to the highest level.

"Finally an instructional DVD that not only delivers for beginners but for surfers of every level. With detailed blow by blow footage and clear explanation it's hard to think of a surfer who wouldn't benefit" -

"Packed with hot footage and useful tips, 110% Surfing is an ideal visual introduction to surfing for beginners of all ages and abilities, and intermediates can learn a lot from the step-by-step manoeuvre breakdowns." -CARVE Magazine

"This is a well-produced and extremely informative DVD. As a self-coaching tool it will be helpful for surfers of just about all ages and abilities. I'd be very surprised if using this DVD didn't accelerate the process of acquiring the most important skills in surfing." - Dr Malcolm Findlay, Founder of BSc Surf Science & Technology, University of Plymouth

"110% is the best instructional DVD in the market place, packed with useful tips and advice, every surfer wanting to learn or improve their surfing skills should get a copy now!" -Chris Rea, Saltwater Training, Harlyn Surf School & Surf Coach Federation.

Fly In The Champagne.

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A few years removed from their heated battles, Andy and Kelly, the two former combatants have come together to set the record straight and offer everybody a revealing look behind the rivalry that captured surfing's collective imagination at the start of the 21st Century.

Discovery Channel Extreme Surfing

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 Discovery Channel Extreme Surfing
There are only a handful of places on the planet - with names like Jaws, Maverick and Pipeline - where storms generate waves of monstrous proportions. Only a few people possess the skills and courage to challenge Mother Nature's raw power and ride these towering walls of water. Some of these challenges are successful, others pay the ultimate price. During this winter, some of the largest waves ever recorded are expected to be produced by the El Nino conditions in the Pacific Ocean. This is the story of a small group of surfers and their quest to ride the largest waves ever.

Curren Trials To Title

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 SURF VAULT Curren Trials To Title
Like all sports, surfing has always had its heroes, but wile many come and go, true heroes are never forgotten. Their legends only grow. In the world of surfing, no surfer proves this point better than California's classic son, Tom Curren. Because while curren came to power in the mid 80's with back to back world titles, he became legend in 1990, when after a three year hiatus, he reappeared to start from scratch, and dominate the world of pro surfing in a way that can never be repeated... Get the full story in this complete 1hour, one of a kind documentary highlighting Tom Curren's 1990 "Trials to Title" run on the ASP World Tour. Brand new interviews from Al Merrick, Dave Gilovich, Evan Slater and Tom Curren himself.

Discovering Mavericks

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 Discovering Mavericks
Winner of the Newport Beach Film Festival 2013 Audience Award, "Discovering Mavericks” is a film that reveals the true story of this famous and deadly wave, from the decade it was surfed solely by lone surfing pioneer Jeff Clark to the events that followed—leading it to become one of the most famous big wave surfing spots in the world. Narrated by actor Dean Winters, "Discovering Mavericks” captures the passion and dedication of surfers like Jay Moriarity, Peter Mel, Flea, Shane Dorian, Mark Foo, Brock Little, and Mike Parsons, honoring the sacrifice of all those who have dared to take on the unforgiving waves at Mavericks.


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