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Paint Pen Techniques with Drew Brophy

What do surfboards, skateboards, guitars and shoes have in common? Drew Brophy has painted them all with water-based paint pens. And he shows you how in this new Do-It-Yourself video.

For over 20 years, Drew Brophy has been perfecting painting with water-based paint pens. As the world's top surfboard artist, Drew has taught thousands of people how to paint with his techniques. Now, with this video by Seven Films, he can teach you, too.

Drew shows, step-by-step, how anyone can paint using his techniques. In his easy to follow style, Drew covers creating unique compositions, preparing the surface, blending colors, finishing details, and how to seal your work. He demonstrates on surfboards, a skateboard and a pair of canvas shoes.

"I expect to see an explosion of art on surfboards, skateboards, shoes -- anything -- following the release of this video" says Drew Brophy. "For years these techniques have been closely guarded secrets within a small community of artists. I hope that this video will inspire generations of young artists to customize their lives with their art and imagination!"

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