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Dances With Waves

Dances With Waves

Opening shot of Mike Clancy at Steamers Lane. Matt Tanner, Mike Young, Karl Anderle, Kevin Miske, Wingnut and Boots on a big offshore wind day at Moss Landing. International kayak surfing contest at The Lane in beautiful conditions. Tandem surfing at The Lane. Marty Weeland's annual big wave contest at Manressa State Beach with Frosty, Mike Young, Ed Guzman, Bob Pearson and others on a 10 foot plus day. Skipper Eppelin's California adventure, as he tours the coast from Santa Cruz to San Diego with Mike Clancy in search of the perfect wave. Flashback to Mike Clancy riding great days at Pleasure Point, Rincon and Malibu. Flashback to Terry Simms on the way to a first-place finish in a big contest at The Lane. Visit to the Surf Museum in Huntington Beach, featuring the historic Smyrna Surfari Club picture (ca. 1965), which is on prominent display in the Museum. Surfing and hanging with Mike Martin in Oceanside. Early morning session with Mike at Swami's. Dale Dobson dominating on a longboard at Swamis. Shaping tutorial from master surfboard builder, Gary Linden. Pro longboard contest at Pismo Beach. "ADIOS, AMIGO." Closing shots of Mike Clancy at Privates and Steamers Lane. Produced and directed by Mike Clancy in 1993. Playing time: 1 hour and 12 minutes.

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