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Four incredible surfers plus countless perfect waves are bound to produce one captivating surf film. Bulletree Filmes is proud to introduce, Deslumbre, a film directed by Pablo Aguiar which presents a group of surfers doing what most of us can only dream about.

The filmmaker from southern Brazil, Pablo Aguiar, is most known for directing last year’s Delirium, a Trip of Madness, which captured many talented surfers traveling around the world. He has just recently released Deslumbre as his newest film which compares a lot to his previous work, however it contains more surfers and focuses on one trip.

The amazing film was produced during a boat trip around the Mentawaiis with seven of the most progressive Brazilian surfers: Adriano de Souza, Alejo Muniz, Miguel Pupo, Jean da Silva, Jesse Mendes, Yago Dora and Samuel Pupo. Aguiar captured the skilled athletes scoring perfect barrels and boosting airs in the beautiful, aqua colored waters of the Mentawai Islands.

The surfers demonstrate how they continue to push the boundaries of surfing with their most advanced tricks. Deslumbre, which translates to ‘Dazzle’ in English, showcases the exotic look of Indonesia and features spots like Macaronis and Greenbush.

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