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Olas y Fuego - Le Film

Olas y Fuego

Olas y Fuego is a short film about the surf and culture of South America. We have been travelling 4 months this summer from the south of chili, to the north of Peru, passing by Ecuador. With all this time, we were able to gain a deep connection of the culture of each country. In addition to presenting the local culture, the films present high level of surfing in world class waves.
Sport: Surf
Release date: 2012
Run time: 00:23:05
Company: BlueVan Productions
Director: Dominique Robitaille

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title
  1. Still Corners - Fireflies
  2. Royal Headache - Never Again
  3. PJ Harvey - The Glorious Land
  4. Girls - Die
  5. The Creation - Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
  6. The Shins - The Rifle's Spiral
  7. Girls - Honey Bunny
  8. Grizzly Bear - Speak In Rounds
  9. Django Django - Wor
  10. Whomadewho - The Sun

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