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Billabong Trilogy

Billabong Trilogy

Every so often I come across a surf movie that is just one of those timeless classics that gets left in the vcr/dvd player for weeks, subsequent watchings never make it old. Trilogy is one of those movies for sure. Within the first 10 minutes, I knew this was one of my new favorite movies.
There’s just too much good stuff going for it, the surfers, the waves, the music. All obvious criteria for a good surf video. But Trilogy has more. It "feels” different from your standard surf movie, but I’m not sure I can pinpoint what it is. Something about the smooth pacing, the flow between sections, I don’t know what, but it’s gold.
Length: 38 minutes
Surfers: Andy Irons, Taj Burrow, Joel Parko. Can you ask for anything more?
Sections are split between group sessions with all Andy, Taj, and Parko all surfing together at empty pefect locations, and then sections showcasing the individuals. Andy and Parko each have 2 sections for themselves, and then Taj has 3 of his own sections. This is the best surfing I’ve seen of Taj since his feature movie, Montaj. Really unbelievable stuff in unbelievable waves.
Best sessions:
All sections of the trio surfing together are my favorite. They find a snapper/rincon/sandspit/mexicosomewhere type righthander pretty much to themselves, and just destroy the place. There’s also a lot of footage of a Mundaka trip where they definitely score.

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