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O'Neill.Planet Surf

O'Neill.Planet Surf
The O'Neill Planet Surf is a collection of perspectives from a cross section of some of the blue planet's most remote, unique as well as established wave frontiers. Delivered by our surfers; the first installment focuses on boat based surf exploration in the equatorial, turquoise wilderness of the Maldives, 400 km South of the tourist zone. While subsequent episodes tap the source to discover healthy pulses and flourishing surf cultures in more tepid realms. The O'Neill Planet Surf trip is a continuous journey of discovery without limitations and boundaries. Unearthing the essence of modern day surfing, through investigation of the intricate strains of surf cultures that have flourished globally from the original spores of the ancient Polynesian sport. From the Southernmost fringes of Europe to its contrasting Northern extremes, before plunging into the rich cultures of Oceania and later on to the epicenters of the sports evolution and consequent revolution, Hawaii, California and Australasia. O'Neill Planet Surf inhales a diverse blend of destinations, wavescapes and cultures all of which are bonded by little more than the universal adhesive called the art of surfing. We discard the hype to present the kernel of the sport of Kings as it is in the 21st century. We hope you enjoy.

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