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Rip Curl Tip2Tip Chapter 2: Un-Expectations

Rip Curl Tip2Tip Chapter 2: Un-Expectations

The parties back in Bali are starting to fade. Dillon, Davey, Gabriel and Koa had to jump off back there, too – on to Pro Junior obligations and other dates with the spotlight. But Dillon will be back in two weeks; he already misses this quest. Fresh blood Dean Brady and Richard "Ricardo" Christie have come aboard. Garut is still here, eager to dig even deeper into an Indonesia that’s unknown even to him...

This is only the second leg of the mission, but this whole thing already has the pleasing stench of a trip with no real end date, no exact destination. Straight away, the boys head in the opposite direction. Then the forecast changes and they turn around again – just in time for Tin Boat to make the discovery of the trip (so far). Tin Boat, if you don’t know, is the little dingy that is tethered to the stern of Quest 1, bouncing along in its wake like a distracted little puppy. Tin Boat likes to get into tight corners, sniff around. Tin Boat likes finding waves.
"We've got perfect right-handers breaking in about six inches of water over sand that looks like coal,” comes the crumbly voice of surf guide Albert Taylor – he’s the man responsible for bringing hearty discovery to the Tip 2 Tip odyssey.
"And?” The boys want details.
"We're frothing," Albert says, then the signal goes static.

What ensues is the usual chaos that accompanies newfound surf, plus a little extra intensity on the part of scrambling photographer Nate Lawrence and filmers Bali Strickland and Chris Shepherd. It’s a production, and Mother Nature could care less. Which is the beauty of this whole thing: plans are useless, direction infinite, expectation not invited.

episode 2.1 - circumstance

On average, 2,478 millimeters (or 98 inches) of rain dumps on the lowlands of Indonesia per year. From April to October, it’s hotter, rains more frequently, and the ocean is angrier. That's boat trip season. And though on any given day from one end of Indo to other, an unholy amount of perfect waves are unfolding all by their lonesome, so too is foul weather and rough seas. But this crew has been down this road before – and they know just how nice Indo can be after one of her more moody days.

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