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Surf Stronger: The Surfer's Workout

Surf Stronger: The Surfer's Workout

Surf Stronger is the first-of-its-kind workout program for surfers on DVD. With the Surf Stronger program you will learn a complete training routine that is targeted at improving your fitness for surfing. Take your surfing fitness to the next level with Surf Stronger--The Surfer's Workout! If you are looking for a great workout for surfing you've come to the right place! Designed by conditioning specialists and expert surfers, Surf Stronger is an easy-to-follow circuit training style workout that you can do anywhere - do it in your home, in the gym, even outdoors! Three times a week at 45 minutes per workout and your surfing fitness will be stronger than ever. It is the ultimate surfer's workout.
The 3-part DVD includes: The SurfStronger Dynamic Warmup The dynamic warm up will prime your body for action unlike traditional stretching. The active nature of the warm up wakes up your muscles and moves in a way that looks like surfing. You'll stretch out while you raise your heart rate, preparing yourself to rip on your first wave. The SurfStronger Workout Not a traditional workout of multiple sets and reps. The Surf Stronger workout is one continuous effort paced through 15 different movements. Much like what happens when you surf. Utilizing body weight, a stability ball, and light dumbells the workout emphasizes training your core while developing power and strength in your upper body and legs.

The SurfStronger Cool Down Stretch Stretching is critical for all surfers to ensure injury prevention and optimal function. Surf Stronger's cool down stretch focuses on recovery, relaxation and increasing flexibility. It is the perfect end to a challenging workout. Fitness ball and weights are not included.

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