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Gone With The Wave II

Gone With The Wave II
The long-awaited sequel to GONE WITH THE WAVE. Matt Tanner on the nose in Santa Cruz. Frosty, Denny and Boots on a beautiful offshore-wind day at Pleasure Point. Trip to Costa Rica with Dave Jenkins, Paul Polgar, Mike Underwood, and Mike Clancy. Fantastic surf at Playa Negra and Little Hawaii, Costa Rica. Monkeys, travel and adventure in Costa Rica. Great beachbreak at Nosara. Flashback to hot longboard action in Santa Cruz. Steve and Gerri Nielsen sailing their boat, SUNJAMR. Dave and his band, PABLO CRUISE, performing at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Produced and directed by Mike Clancy in 1999. Playing time: 1 hour.
Gone With The Wave II - Part 3 (not yet available)

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