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Walking The Waves

Walking The Waves

During 2011 I produced a video shot in Chile, Perù and Tahiti. It’s not only a surf video with "action” shots, but also a travelogue showing the country outside of the popular surf zones. It’s important to see how people live in the areas you happen to pass through while searching for different surfing spots. Other than surfing you focus on getting acquainted with the culture and the landscapes that greet you. This is really the aim of "Walking The Waves”. In the addition to the cultural footage, I edited various tube sections with expert riders who are at a higher level than me. Thanks to them I could learn and improve my style. My best clips come from this experience.
Adam D'Esposito
Aldemir Calunga
Benjamin Serrano
Cristian Merello
Dane Gudauskas
Diego Medina
Edwin del Rio
Eugenio Barcelloni
Everaldo Teixeira
Fabian Farias
Harié-Tuhiti Teraiamano Haumani
Jerome Sahyoun
Kevin Bourez
Leo Acevedo
Leon Vicuna
Michel Bourez
Nic Von Rupp
Ramon Navarro
Ryan Cabezas
Ryan Gallina
Steve Pierson
Teva Dexter
Willian Cardoso

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