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Lavese Los Manos

Lavese Los Manos

Analog Clothing presents the long awaited surf movie about Nathan Fletcher, Lavese Las Manos. While Analog has dubbed this movie as ‘A f*cked up view of Nathan Fletcher’s irregular world’, a more proper subtitle would be, ‘twenty-five minutes of insane surfing from one of the most versatile yet underrated surfers in the world’. From tubes to aerials to big waves to tow-ins, from shortboards to guns, Nathan Fletcher does it all and it is all on display in Lavese Las Manos. Among the many things to be stoked on, you will be amazed by how sharply Nathan Fletcher can turn his long Pipe/Puerto boards and his skate-inspired glue-footed oceanic ollies. The surf movie features Nathan Fletcher surfing Pipeline, Puerto Escondido, Teahupoo, Indonesia and Mavericks. The movie primarily features Nathan but Kamalei Alexander, Danny Fuller, Michael Ho, Derek Ho, Gavin Beschen, Shane Beschen, Koby Abberton, Makua Rothman, John John Florence and Todd Morcom make appearances. Lavese Las Manos also briefly covers the Fletcher surfing family tree. From Nathan’s grandfather Walter Hoffman charging Makaha to his father Herbie Fletcher of longboarding and of Astrodeck fame to his brother, aerial pioneer, Christian Fletcher. Best Wave in Lavese Las Manos - You have to get the best wave in your own movie, right? After great deliberation, the judges score a tie in the best wave category. The first wave (minute 1:51), Nathan Fletcher scores a barrel that refuses to end. The second wave (minute 15:50), Danny Fuller’s only wave in the video, not only bounces a burn merchant from his wave but then continues to race the wave for an insanely long first tube only to be followed up by a second and third tube. You can watch the entire Nathan Fletcher surf movie below. Nathan Fletcher Lavese Las Manos Surf Movie
Sport: Surf
Release date: 2010
Run time: 00:25:45
Company: Analog
Director: Nathan Fletcher

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title
  1. Russian Circles - Station
  2. Russian Circles - Harper Lewis
  3. Russian Circles - Youngblood
  4. Russian Circles - Harper Lewis POS Remix (Bonus Track)
  5. Russian Circles - Death Rides a Horse

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