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Surf Cult California

Surf Cult California free online surf movie
Surf Cult California is a west coast journey in search of the contemporary underground longboard movement. The surfing lifestyle that was crafted on the beaches of California in the 50s is revisited today. Surf Cult California is an insightful look into the stylists, the music and the art of today's longboarding culture.

Our story begins with traditional longboard San Diego surfer Mitch Abshire loading his classic 9' 6" surfboard, which was designed over a half century ago, into his van. He firmly believes that surfing in the 50's was the last real counter culture. He reflects on a time past when surfers were living out of their cars, driving the coast with no money and looking for an adventure. A time when surfers did not care what anybody thought of them, they were the real outcasts of society. Fast-forward fifty years to now and surfing has sold out. The sport has become completely commercial there is sponsorship, massive images on billboards, and global competition. Basically, Mitch is sick of it.

So he sets out in search of those who live and breath today's underground lifestyle - a counter culture scene of musicians, hot rodders, and artists. From Santa Cruz's CJ Nelson, Malibu's Scott Stopnik and to Orange County's Alex Knost, these are the guys who are the direct descendants of the surfing derelicts of the 50's, and they are quickly reclaiming their heritage. Surf Cult California is a little story about crusin' in a van up the coast and hanging out with surfers who live to surf... Come along for the glide.

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