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EXEAT 2 Thailand '10 - The Movie

EXEAT 2 Thailand '10 - The Movie

After 3 weeks of competitions in Hua Hin, Thailand, Flysurfer and Flyboards teamrider Sebastian Bubmann was joined by video-/photographer Nick De Bruijn. The two did an awesome road-trip from Hua Hin to Phuket and back. Flysurfer Thailand importer Sacha de Ridder showed them around some of the most beautiful places on his catamaran during their stay in Phuket. One supreme highlight was the island where "The Beach” has been filmed…

Due to lack of wind on the west coast, the two drove back to Hua Hin after one week and mainly filmed around that area. In contrast to the rather choppy conditions in Hua Hin, they found the ultimate place for freestyle: Pran Buri! Located just a few kilometers further south, there’s really nice lagoons with flat water in between the sandbanks and two huge peers with flat water behind them.

After almost 4 weeks of traveling around the east coast, the two filmed countless gigabytes of footage, all shot on the Canon 7D. The images look really nice with great sharpness and contrast – but see for yourself and enjoy the film!

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