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Adidas - Diagonal

Adidas - Diagonal

After 2 years of filming in Europe, the United States and China, adidas Skateboarding is set to release it’s first full-length video project this spring featuring the adidas Skateboarding European Team. Titled Diagonal, this video showcases the diversity of the European skate scene along with guest parts from the two Global Team riders that have roots in that continent, Dennis Busenitz and Lem Villemin.
Chewy Cannon
Dennis Busenitz
Gunes Ozdogan
Jeremy Reinhard
Julien Bachelier
Lem Villemin
Marcos Gomez
Petr Horvat
Raul Navarro
Sebastien Daurel

Sport: Skateboard
Release date: 2009
Run time: 00:53:14
Company: Adidas
Director: Torsten Frank
Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title
  1. Intro: Birds of Avalon - Set You Free
  2. Chewy Cannon: Sebastien Daurel - Guitar Boucle Interlude
  3. Chewy Cannon: Birds of Avalon - Measure Of The Same
  4. Chewy Cannon: Chewy Cannon - Guitar Interlude
  5. Raul Navarro: Protassov & Alexander - Fingertips
  6. Raul Navarro: Inverse Cinematics - Take It Back To 86
  7. Raul Navarro: Cellski - The Taker
  8. Marcos Gomez: Poni Hoax - Images Of Sigrid
  9. Sebastien Daurel: HearDis! Corporate Sound - Kalaui Hua
  10. Sebastien Daurel: Sebastien Daurel - Sitar Interlude
  11. Global Team: The Lodge - Noose
  12. Gonz & Lem Villemin in Paris: Christian Doepke - Think Twice
  13. Julien Bachelier: Enik - The Monkey Wheel
  14. Jeremy Reinhard Intro: MALK - Dancing Beat
  15. Jeremy Reinhard: MALK - Zu Zweit
  16. Petr Horvat: The Capitol Years - It's Not Okay
  17. Günes Özdogan: Sebastien Daurel - Tabla Interlude
  18. Günes Özdogan: Phoenix - 1901
  19. Dennis Busenitz: Birds of Avalon - Instant Coma
  20. Dennis Busenitz: Tweak Bird - Shivers
  21. Lem Villemin: Sebastien Daurel - Harmonium Interlude
  22. Lem Villemin: Viva Voce - Alive With Pleasure
  23. Credits: Filthy Dukes - This Rhythm (Fred Falke remix)


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