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Nike SB Debacle

Nike SB Debacle

XD Experience Design Manager Eric Jensen takes you behind the scenes of Nike’s Debacle, with Mark Hegarty of, and members of Nike’s SB team. The Debacle vid is actually the Am part of the skate team from Nike and I personally happen to like it better the the pro vid Nothing but the Truth that came out a while back . If you have not seen the film its up on Nike’s site in HD for free. I am a fan of Jason Hernandez and John Humphries so great stuff all around from them.
Daryl Angel
David Clark
Grant Taylor
Justin Brock
Shane O'Neil
Theotis Beasley

Sport: Skateboard
Release date: 2009
Run time: 00:23:48
Company: Nike SB
Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title
  1. Intro: The Replacements - Takin' A Ride
  2. Daryl Angel #1: No Age - Sleeper Hold
  3. Daryl Angel #2: Darker My Love - Waves
  4. David Clark: Bad Brains - Send You No Flowers
  5. Shane O'Neill & Theotis Beasley: Estelle feat. Cee-Lo - Pretty Please (Love Me)
  6. Grant Taylor: Bad Brains - Universal Peace
  7. Justin Brock: Skid Row - Slave To A Grind
  8. Credits: The Fall - "Oh! Brother"


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