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Outrageous skate video introduced the world to Bam Margera, the insane, parent hassling daredevil that would gain fame for risking life and limb on MTV's Jackass series. Includes a very chaotic trip to Iceland, some rather disgusting fecal footage, a some furniture surfing on the highway, and a demonstration of how to destroy a rental car and get off scott free.

Arto Saari
Bam Margera
Ed Templeton
Geoff Rowley
Kerry Getz
Laban Pheidias
Mike Maldonado
Stevie Williams
Ted Newsome
Tim O'Connor

Sport: Skateboard
Release date: 2000
Run time: 00:43:56
Director: Bam Margera

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist - Title

    Intro: Ramstien - Du Hast
    Anal Cunt - You Live On A Houseboat
    Anal Cunt - 311 Sucks
    CKY - Flesh Into Gear
    Eiffel 65 - Now is Forever
    Orbital - Halcyon
    Bjork - Hyperballad
    In Flames - ?
    Believer - Dies Irae (Day Of Wrath)
    In Flames - ?
    Moby - James Bond Theme
    Aphex Twins - Come To Daddy
    Chad Ginsburg Of CKY - ?
    Anal Cunt - I Just Saw The Gayest Guy On Earth
    CKY - Chinese Freestyle
    CKY - Fat Fuck
    Malvolent Creation - Manic Demise
    Credits: CKY - Disengage The Simulator

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