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After a year of skateboarding, sweat, tears, breaking bones and getting chased by hobos, the new skateboarding video (PortAbled) is now finished! It Presents 32 faces from the north west area with last section being a killer! Thanks to everyone who skated!!!
(Incase anyone's interested the name 'PortAbled' was inspired by the fact that the locations skated in the video were all next to the coast, (Southport and Liverpool are or used to be a 'port'). the second word 'Abled' came from the fact that we are all able to perform 'psychedelic maneuvers' and the compilation of these two words comes to 'portabled', which means easily transported, which you can achieve by being on a skateboard. Or it's just a random word that we used because we couldn't think of another name for the video...
Music in order:
Mateo Messina - Up the Spout.
The Who - Happy Jack.
Burl Ives - Fooba Wooba John
Furniture - Brilliant Mind.
Fantastic Mr. Fox (Soundtrack) - Mr. Fox in the Fields
Funeral Party - Finale
Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good
The Go! team - T.O.R.N.A.D.O
The Go! team - Bottle Rocket
The Shins - New Slang
Biz Markie - Just a Friend
Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeroes - Home
War Of the Worlds - The Eve Of The War
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
Skateboarders Involved:
Dan Brown Ben Stead Ste Bates Pete Rodgers Ash Wilson Chris Langford Ali Watson Joe Mcguffog (Geff) Tom Tanner Luke Elliot Danny Holmes Christian Smith Ryan Rebotis Paul Hill (Hilly) Dave Mackey Charlie Grassick Vaughan Jones David Gareth (Winny) Luke Fletcher Todd Sullivan Lee Bradley Fred Lambert Tom Fisher Mikey Waldron Anthony Carroll Charlie Birch Kris Roylance Tom Allan Adam Bamber Rory Buckingham Jonny Owens Daz Daggers Sam Marsh

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