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Primitive - Pain Is Beauty

 Primitive - Pain Is Beauty

Free full videos are always a treat to get a hold of, especially one of our favorites this year, the new Primitive's Pain is Beauty video. Check the goods out and get hyped.
From Hypebeast:

Primitive first opened its doors in 2008, with professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez aiming to combine a love of urban fashion with a lifelong passion for skateboarding. Now in its fifth year, Primitive still manages to strike a balance between skate shop and sneaker boutique without straying from its roots. The brand premiered its new skate video, "Pain Is Beauty,” on The Berrics over the weekend. The video features new footage from L.A. area locals such as Lamont Holt, Nick Tucker, and of course, Paul Rodriguez himself. Check the video out now and let us know what you think.

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