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Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones features the best under 20 surfers in the world including Luke Dorrington, Wade Goodall, Bede Durbidge, Jordy Smith, Ace Buchan, Shaun Cansdell, Nate Yeomans and many more as they pave the stepping stones on the way to a pro surfing career. Thrown into the visual mix are sections on Taj, Andy and Parko who are currently living the dream of these young hopefuls. After seeing Stepping Stones you will know the future of surfing is in safe hands. Music by: G-Love and Special Sauce, Planet 3 Emcees, Downsyde, The Beautiful Girls, Grinspoon, Mix Master G-Flexx, Damn!, Theivery Corporation, Sick Puppies, Rollerball.

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