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Searching for Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson ruled the surf scene throughout the early to mid-1970s with his savage, groundbreaking surfing. An undiagnosed schizophrenic, Michael couldn't handle the fame his surfing powers attracted, and he retreated into a world of hard drugs and fast cars. He eventually hit rock bottom after a police chase, which took 25 cars to stop him. It's an intoxicating and addictive tale for anyone who has ever felt like a fish out of water.
The surf documentary features original footage of Peterson s life as well as interviews with his friends and surfing rivals. The 55 minute documentary has already achieved success and stellar reviews, selling out 25 shows in Australia and screening in Japan, Spain, South Africa and throughout the UK and the USA.

Jolyon Hoff is an Australian filmmaker who makes films about social outsiders and sub-cultures. He recently completed Searching for Michael Peterson, a film about 1970 s cult surfing hero, Michael Peterson. The film has screened in the UK, Japan, USA, Spain, South Africa and Australia. He holds a Masters degree in Documentary Directing from the Australian, Film and Television School, where he received the Film Australia Documentary Award for the most significant achievement in the art of documentary and has a BA in Communication Studies from Newcastle University.

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