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The powerhouse combination of producing partners Nomad Bodyboards and Digital Children, film maker and director Bryce Thurston, film editor Todd Barnes, and collaborators Riptide Bodyboard Magazine and Agent 18 wetsuits, have delivered this years most anticipated bodyboard film project, "Roam".
Roam features the riding talent of the Nomad F.S.D.'s Chris James, Glen Thurston, and Matt Lackey, along with good friends Jake Stone, Michael Novy, Ryan Hardy, Ben Player, Dave Winchester, Mitch Rawlins, Simon and Nick Ormerod, Adam Luehman, Alex Bunting, Dallas Singer, Piere Louis-Costes, Toby Player, Max Arent-Highfield, Sean Pyne, and Cade Sharp.

Filmed in High Definition Widescreen Format for optimum image quality and with exclusive angles from helicopter, jetski and board cameras, the production values of Roam will make it stand out from the masses.

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