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A longboard movie directed by Lorene Carpentier, presented by Keep A Breast Foundation.
"I always wanted to do surf movie about girls longboarding. There is something very spiritual about it. Surfing would not make sense if girls were not surfing, longboarding is so feminine; I tried to catch this grace, this delicate balance betwin a free spirit and a fluid element. When I saw the first girls longboarding a few years ago they reminded me of the goddess".
"The day the title appeared to me was one of the most happy day of the adventure. Everything was falling into place, just perfectly, and cherry on the cake, "Oceanides" is very close to "Oceanside", which is the place I live in California. The longboarders I filmed are legendary, they inspired thousands of girls, everywhere around the globe. This video is a way to get closer to them, see their everyday life, slow down some tricks to admire them, decide to go on a surf trip with friends, be creative, healthy, make you dream come true, that's the Keep A Breast Foundation message for everyone. "

Lorene Carpentier, Director

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