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Occy: The Occumentary

This award-winning journey through the life and times of legendary Australian surfer Mark Occhilupo contains two hours of Bonus footage, including: The unfinished business of Occy's 1999 World Championship, as well as additional features, background and updated footage from filmmaker Jack McCoy. A must have! One of surfing's most inspirational stories. The comeback to end all comebacks. A classic tribute to a unique character. The best surfing bio-film ever made.
The Occumentary is finally available on DVD and includes 2 hours of bonus footage, including his winning the World Championship Tour, the birth of his son, and vintage surf sessions around the globe. There's also an updated music soundtrack, featuring the Foo Fighters. The Occumentary follows the "Raging Bull" from his days as a Cronulla grommet to his amazing comeback, with great interviews, classic footage, and plenty of Occy personality. "... another one of those McCoy classics, entertaining enough to watch 10, 20 or 100 times. The bottom line: this video should be sitting alone, on a shelf, next to burning candles and your favorite photos of Occy

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