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January 10: The Biggest Day Ever Surfed Surfing

January 10 is a documentary about the world of big wave riding, featuring an all star cast of elite watermen, and a plot that explores the world they call home. A look into the beginning of this sport reveals a spiritual connection everyone who witnesses can attest to. Giving is the key to surfing, as practiced by the kings and queens of ancient Polynesia.
If the kings and queens and the ambassador of surfing, Duke Kahanamoku, saw it fit to share their great sport, it is therefore our duty as surfers to share that legacy, too. So it is only fitting that the great Hawaiian lifeguard, Eddie Aikau be mentioned for his unselfish deeds. In the ceremony that precedes each big wave contest held at Waimea Bay in his name, his spirit shines through.
The snowball that this man's sense of giving sparked can be seen in the evolution of riding these mountains of water. January 10, 2004 marked the day that not just one or two teams of surfers, but at least twenty, two-man teams of dedicated watermen joined forces to ride what previously went un-ridden. A truly unprecedented day in surfing history on many levels. Eddie Aikau would be proud.

Running Time: 42 mins.

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