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Fusion is a film about surfing around the beautiful, diverse and wave-rich coastline of Great Britain, featuring the country's best surfers at the best spots when they're at their best, from the beach breaks of Cornwall to the heaving slabs of Caithness. If you appreciate good surfing and can relate to the extremes that make the British surf scene truly unique then you'll certainly enjoy this film. "Brit filmaker Ross Johns unleashes his first solo effort. It could be the best showcase of British surfing and British waves seen to date. It is a great document of where we are right now and almost certainly shows the highest level of homegrown surfing captured on video to date. If it doesn't inspire you to pull in deeper or smack the lip harder the next time you surf then nothing will!" Drift Magazine Starring: Alan Stokes, Oli Adams, Ben Skinner, Matt Capel, Russ Winter, Mark Harris, Richie Sills, Mitch Corbett, Micah Lester, Eugene Tollemache, Tom Butler, Nathan Phillips, Mark Vaughan, Sam Lamiroy, Rick Wilmett, Adam Griffiths, Richie Mullins, Timmy Boydell, Jo Moran.

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