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For A Few Barrels More

The producers of A Fistful of Barrels and A Bowlful of Chile serve up another slice of Somewhere, and this time its all Bagus! The ASP World Tour descends on Bali in search of Indonesian barrels, babes and Bintangs. In what was possibly the least mysterious event location in the short history of The Search campaign, Rip Curl opted to pay the boys of the Top 44 back for last years Chilean hell-trip and hold this years Somewhere event in the well-tracked, and in this case, well-oiled waters off of Bali.
Far be it from us to be the spoilers, though. If you can't figure out where these perfectly groomed left-hand barrels are, do the legwork yourself and you'll reap the rewards. Relax and enjoy watching Kelly Slater completely dominate the rest of the Top 44, before bowing out and letting the young Turks have their day. The all-Hawaiian final featured Bruce Irons besting Freddy P to retire comfortably from the Tour in the knowledge that hes got what it takes to take home a win.

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