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Samba Trance & Rock'n Roll

Samba Trance & Rock'n Roll

Produced in 2004, Samba Trance & Rock'n Roll is producing and directing Rafael Mellin, with artistic direction of Marcellus Viana, Mellin and Julio Adler and soundtrack of Tony Mazot, Mulato Beat, Siri, Mugomango and home meal.

The main stars are athletes Danylo Grillo, Marcondes Rocha and Bernardo Miranda.
Mellin spent a year traveling with them to places like Indonesia, Hawaii and Mexico, and explore the Brazilian coast from north to south, including the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha.

The production brings together the best highlights of the trip, highlighting the characteristics of each athlete and emphasizing the profile and testimonies of three comrades, drawing a parallel between different musical beats, styles and waves - and also rely on images from competitions.

The film also features performances by Sylvio Mancusi in waves over 50 feet in Jaws, Fabio Gouveia parading his style mainly in Sunset, and the new generation of talent as Brazil and Eric de Souza Faria Junior, all team members Hang Loose, brand that sponsored the production.

Release: 2004
Language: Portuguese (Brazil)
Subtitles: No
Length: 60 min

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