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Dear & Yonder

A surf movie created by Tiffany Campbell and Andria Lessler. Beautifully shot in 16mm. Dear & Yonder is an ocean odyssey of the female kind.
It features a dynamic cast of ladies, each of their stories is unique, but a spirit of adventure and love they have for the ocean connects them. This is not your run of the mill surf flick, but rather an inquisitive look into what it means to be a female surfer. This film is so well put together that even non surfers will appreciate the cinematography and intimate storyline.
Featuring Lisa Andersen, Kassia Meador, Sofia Mulanovich, Sally Fitzgibbons, Belinda Baggs, Linda Benson, Rell Sunn, Silvana Lima, Prue Jeffries, Coco Ho, Stephanie Gilmore, and many more.

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