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Crave the Cave

California’s Scott Carter has been filming bodyboarding most of his life. Scotty has released several bodyboarding films like "The Inside" and "Enough Said" that are considered to be some of the best bodyboarding videos ever made. "Crave The Cave" was his third major release and followup to The Inside. While it didn’t get the same adulation as his first two efforts "Crave the Cave" kept the kids wanting more with plenty of camera helmet action. Released in mid 90′s.
Riders include Paul Roach, Chad Barba, Joe Grodzen, Guilherme Tamega, Mike Stewart, Adam Smith, Ross McBride, Rick Bannester, Nelz Vellocido, Kainoa McGee, Ben Severson, Hauoli Reeves, Pat Caldwell, Lanson Ronquillio, Harry Antipala, Ben Holland, Brian Wise, Chris Burkart, Jay Reale, Seamus Mercado, Aka Lyman, John Raef, Dan Taylor, J.J. Ayala, Taylor Amik, Matt Allen, Ron Ziebell, Jim O'Connell and the list goes on.

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