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Filmed on location in Australia, Indo, Florida and Hawaii. It contains a mix of extreme water angles and land footage never seen before!
Starring Andy Irons, Joel Parkinson, Dean Morrison, Cory and Shea Lopez, Kelly Slater, Gorkin, Sam Hammer, Jesse Evans, Josh Sleigh, Wardo, Braden Dias and the pipeline posse, Luke Eagan, and of course Bruce Irons. Witness Parko, Dean, and Luke tear up the goldy! The Box going off with Wardo, Koby, Hoobgoods, Bruce and the rest of the crew.
See Haleiwa like you've never seen it with Sunny, Andy, and Slater going nuts. Pipeline and Backdoor spitting both directions. The indo boat trip is packed with airs from Sleigh and Jessie. Jessie pulls a couple of 360 airs you must see, while Sleigh is doing Superman type airs, with Sam Hammer from N.J. getting some deep tubes.
The Florida section has Cory and Shea ripping, with Hobgood and ariel master Gorkin going nuts.

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