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AKA: Girl Surfer

AKA: Girl Surfer is a 16mm documentary film following the compelling personal and professional journeys of six of the World's most talented female surfers.
Finding a graceful balance between stunning surf action footage and intimate individual confessions, the film provides an intriguing insight into the subculture of surfers... AKA: Girl Surfer.
From the charismatic competitiveness of Melanie Bartels, to the relentless ambition of six time World Champion Layne Beachley, AKA: Girl Surfer delves into the independence, perseverance, self-awareness, professionalism, and courage required to cut it on the World Tour.
Featuring Melanie Bartels, Rochelle Ballard, Karlee Mackie, Rebecca Woods, Belen Connelly, and Layne Beachley.

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