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Stephanie in the Water

Stephanie in the Water
Meet professional surfer Stephanie Gilmore, who won her first World Tour event at age 17 on a day off from high school. She is the only surfer in history to become World Champion as a rookie. Dubbed "Happy Gilmore" during her early success, Stephanie won the World Title at every attempt for four years straight. Stephanie lived and traveled with her fellow competitors-beach-to-beach, airport-to-airport, sleeping late, attending press events, surfing, and winning heat after heat. Her life was perfect. She was untouchable. Then, a few weeks after winning her fourth title, she was the victim of a violent attack outside of her home. Her world was turned upside down, forcing her to face a new reality. Director Ava Warbrick began filming Stephanie the year of her third championship and followed her through successes and setbacks. We join Stephanie as she reflects on her journey so far and awakens to a new beginning. STEPHANIE IN THE WATER is an intimate documentary portrait that follows a ...

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